How Many Jobs are Available in Consumer Non-Durables?

how many jobs are available in consumer non-durables

Many people want to know precisely how many jobs are available in consumer non-durables? And some are even asking maybe is consumer non-durables a good career path?

There are many best-paying jobs in consumer non-durables, and I’m going to share most of them with you guys in this in-depth post.

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First, what are consumer non-durables goods?

According to Britannica, non-durables goods are Purchased for immediate or almost immediate consumption and have a life span ranging from minutes to three years.

This refers to Non-durables goods that are Purchased to use for a short period.

And there’s a difference between consumer goods and consumer non-durables goods.

Most things around you are literally all consumer goods, starting from that Device in your hand now that you’re using to read this article, 

the furniture you’re sitting on and others in your apartment, your coffee cup, those coca-cola drinks you are consuming, and almost every other thing around you that makes you function or provides one or two benefits for you “right now” are all consumer goods.

But non-durable consumer goods.

These are items that, once you use them, must be replaced, and they can not be reused or kept for an extended period.

Once you use them, you need to repurchase them, and They can’t be reused.

Examples of non-durables consumer goods

Now you must have known that there is a difference between common consumer goods and non-durable consumer goods, and which is that non-durable goods can not be reused. Examples of these goods are

  • Foods
  • Medicine
  • Tissue paper
  • Paper objects
  • And many more

 Is consumer non-durables a good career path?

Many doubts come through people’s minds when choosing a career in the non-durables goods industry. This is where several questions like, how many jobs are available in the consumer non-durables industry? And if consumer non-durables a good career path? If it’s worth the hassle, if it is worth the time and effort, if it can give them a brighter future they are looking forward to.

There is no doubt That the non-durable goods industry is growing very rapidly. As of 2020, the industry has a market cap of $18757.92 billion, and it’s said to have increased 4.9% more in 2021

By now, you should know that consumer non-durables is a good career path

Since this industry is involved around our everyday necessities and they are a must for people to use on everyday basics

The demand in this market will keep on rising as the entire human being population keeps on growing every day, and non-durable goods will be used every day by everyone, and since it’s once used today, they can’t be reused again, people will keep on demanding from this industry

So if you have doubt about if the non-durables industry is profitable and if you can choose a career there, now you see that it is very profitable and the whole world needs more of These products

How many jobs are available in consumer non-durables

The Short answer to this question is That There are lots of jobs in consumer non-durables. Everything ranging from the clothes we wear to body cream products, fast foods, all food I’m general, candles, matches, tissue paper and all other paper products you know, cotton buds and almost every non-reusable product you know

All these listed above are what consumer non-durable company does.

Best paying jobs in consumer non-durables

Now that you’ve decided to choose a career in the non-durables industry then, let’s show you some best paying jobs in consumer non-durables industry that you can venture into and be profitable in the long run

1. Food Production

It’s a no-brainer that food is essential to our everyday life—every living thing that wants to continue living and surviving needs to consume food every single day.

This market is undoubtedly a decent and demanding non-durable market with endless interesting job opportunities.

In 2021 the global food market generated $8.27 trillion, and it has gained an increase of over $500 billion since that year.

This market will keep growing every day, and its demand will keep increasing. It comes with lots of career opportunities as well for almost everyone. Here are some highly profitable careers in the food market

  • Foodservice manager
  • Food and beverage director
  • Executive chef
  • Private chef
  • Caterer
  • Food blogging
  • Sushi chef
  • Baker
  • Cake decorating
  • And lots of other jobs

2.Paper manufacturing

There is no doubt that there’s a very high volume of paper usage in the entire human being’s everyday life.

This industry has an $890.44 billion market size as of 2021, and it’s expected to grow to $958.8 billion in 2022 at a compound annual growth of 7.7% yearly.

And it expected to cap over 1 trillion dollars in the next three years from 2022

There are different types of paper, and they all have high demands and need different methods and expertise required in the creation of these papers.

That makes this industry has several employment opportunities

Paper products like tissue paper, napkins, A4 printer paper, journals and are necessary for people’s everyday life

3.Beauty And Cosmetics Industry

This industry has an extensive range of potential careers and a large variety of job opportunities, and beauty and cosmetics products are very demanding. Well, everyone wants to look good.

This industry has a $380 billion global market cap as of 2019, and it’s projected to reach $463.5 billion by 2027 and increase of 5.3% of annual growth in revenue

Even thou finding a career in the beauty and cosmetics niche might seem hard and searching for “cosmetics jobs near me” on Google doesn’t Always bring a preferred result

Even though this field Help other be the best they can be and help them increase the amount of confidence they have, and self-esteem

here are some highly recommended and great career paths you can choose in this industry

  • Hairdresser/ hairstylist ( This category is looked down upon in the beauty industry, and because most hairstylist doesn’t know the business part of that career, I personally know a friend that does over $100,000+ in a year as a hairstylist
  • Nail technician
  • Tanning consultant
  • Beauty consultant (very lucrative)
  • Fashion designer ( Another Lucrative niche on its own)
  • Salon/spa manager
  • Makeup artist (the demand is high here)

To achieve the most in this industry, learn the business part of it and how you can best promote your service, most especially offer This service only in an environment Where they are always in high demand

4. Healthcare & Pharmaceutical industry

Health is Wealth they Say, and the wealthy are ready to spend as much as possible on their health.

And every living creature wants to be healthy. A living creatures with no health never enjoy being alive, everyone deserves and wants to be healthy, and that’s enough to make most people happy and have hope for the future ahead of them

medication is a necessity for people to live a good, proper, decent and healthy life. Since that’s what matters most

The healthcare industry has been the fastest-growing employment industry since 2014 to date 

There are lots of high paying professions in the pharma and healthcare industry, and as you know, the world needs more healthcare workers, which make them be in high demand

This is the same industry that generates &1.853 trillion in the global market, and the united state topping the list

According to Policy advice, An average individual US Resident spends at Least $10,224 yearly on health care only

Some careers you can choose in that industry

  • Laboratory technician
  • Biomedical engineer ( this is my own field )
  • Epidemiology
  • Principal scientist
  • Senior scientist
  • Microbiologist
  • And lots more

The career opportunities in this field are endless, we can dedicate a whole article on it, and we won’t even cover everything in this industry. That’s how big it is

5. Oil and Gas production

This is undoubtedly the highest paying job opportunity in all of the consumer non-durables industry.

Oil and gas are among the major necessities of our everyday life. Look around and see the number of cars that are still using petrol, the gas you’re using to cook every day, and lots of technical instruments we are using on a daily basis.

Most (not all) of these technology products that make our lives easier need a petroleum product to function effectively

This industry has an approximate market cap of $2.1 trillion and still growing every year.

Sure Oil are gas products are in very high demand all across the world

Some career paths in Oil and gas

  • Geochemist
  • Drilling engineer
  • Energy engineer
  • Hydrographic surveyor
  • Mining engineer
  • Geoscientist
  • And lots more

Conclusion On how many jobs are available in consumer non-durables and is consumer non-durables a good career path

The Truth About How Many Jobs Are available in consumer non-durables is that There are lots of opportunities in the consumer non-durables industry that we can’t even cover in a Single Post.

But I’ve tried my best in compiling a list of best paying jobs in consumer non-durables 

With all I’ve listed and explained, there’s no doubt that consumer non-durables is a good career path, all professions in that field are highly recommend, you can choose a career there with your full chest, surely only if you want to.

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