receptionist jobs

Receptionist jobs can do a variety of tasks which can give them different titles. Sometimes their title can be receptionist or information clerk. Other titles include: Front Desk Officer, Office Assistant Secretary, Front Desk Attendant, or Front Desk Executive. These different titles have a very similar scope in job duties as well as job function, but overall they are the main point of contact for the company.

All of these titles usually report to an office manager or administrator of a company or division of a company. The basic role is to do certain administrative tasks and keep the front office running smoothly while dealing with time sensitive tasks.

Types of Receptionist Jobs

  • Front Desk Executive
  • Office Assistant Secretary
  • Information Clerk
  • Front Desk Officer
  • Front Desk Attendant

Front Desk Executive

A front desk executive manages the flow of visitors through the organisation and ensures that all receptionists complete their duties on time. The duties of a front desk executive vary depending on the company, but some tasks are common

Office Assistant Secretary

An administrative assistant has more duties to perform than a secretary. An administrative assistant’s work is far above clerical jobs. Unlike a secretary, an administrative assistant has the liberty to make independent decisions. An administrative assistant can also make independent judgments.

Information Clerk

Information clerks perform routine clerical duties, maintain records, collect data, and provide information to customers. Work Environment. Although information clerks are employed in nearly every industry, many work in government agencies, hotels, and healthcare facilities.

Front Desk jobs

A Front Desk Representative is a professional who is the first point of contact for all customers of a business. They greet customers, answer phones, receive and deliver mail, and assist with maintaining and ordering office supplies.

Front Desk Attendant

Front Desk Attendants greet the clients of a company and perform a variety of clerical and administrative tasks. They work in multiple industries and their common duties are taking phone calls, handling mail, updating records and providing customer service.

What other Receptionist Jobs are there

Receptionist jobs perform various administrative tasks, such as greeting visitors, answering telephones, taking messages, scheduling appointments, filing and maintaining documents, providing information to various people, making travel arrangements, and running errands.

Interacting and communicating with staff, clients, customers, delivery drivers, and various other people throughout the day can be challenging at times. Therefore, maintaining a calm and professional demeanour throughout the day and during all interactions shows excellent customer service and problem solving skills which is of utmost importance to be successful in receptionist jobs.

Receptionist jobs involve the following:

  • Answer, screen, and forward telephone calls
  • Greet walk-in customers and other visitors and escort them to specific destinations
  • Contribute to the security of the office by helping to monitor access to visitors
  • Obtain or send information or documents using a computer or mail
  • Perform other administrative support tasks, such as keeping appointment calendars
  • Copy, file, and maintain documents and records
  • Collect, sort, distribute, and prepare mail and courier deliveries
  • Process and prepare travel arrangements and travel documents

What is the workplace for Receptionist jobs like?

Although receptionists jobs are in almost every industry, many are concentrated in tourism, healthcare, and social assistance, including hotels, physician’s offices, hospitals, and nursing homes.

Receptionist jobs can include greeting customers and visitors usually work in areas that are highly visible, clean, well-lit, and relatively quiet. Most work in a comfortable office setting.

Receptionist Jobs may be tiring, repetitious, and stressful as they may spend all day answering continually ringing telephones and sometimes encounter difficult or irate callers. Some receptionists, including those who work in hotels, hospitals, and nursing homes, may have to work evenings and weekends.


As with receptionist jobs you may have different duties. Initially, you will do the basics: answering calls, scheduling appointments, filing, mail duties – being that main point of contact for the company. However, over time, you may and most likely will be given more duties if the company doesn’t want to hire another employee. A good way to find a job is by searching for receptionist jobs near me on google